Glorious Pesto Rosso!

With ingredients this amazing, how can this paste be anything but phenomenal?

I always thought that my first blog post would be protein driven, seeing that I borderline worship the cow. But sometimes, you stumble upon something, so simple and yet so glorious that it totally messes with your value system. Behold this wonderous creation. It’s so damn good I sometimes just eat it with spoon straight from the jar (an act my poor wife despises on account of its garlic heavy content).

Anyway, there’s nothing easier than this recipe, just dump all the ingredients in a food processor and beat them till they form a perfectly delicious paste. It goes will with pretty much anything… I’ve used it as a filling for a chicken roulade last week, in salad dressing, as a condiment in sandwiches or canapes or in copious amounts over penne.


10 Sun-dried tomatoes

20 Pitted black olives (I don’t use kalamata on account of their overpowering flavor and saltiness)

1 cup of extra-virgin olive oil

1/2 cup of toasted unsalted and blanched almonds. Make sure to toast them well for that nice smokey flavour to come through. I also once used half the quantity of almonds and the other using walnuts, gave it a more complex flavour; definitely worth a try

2 Tbsp of balsamic vinegar

2 Tbsp of chopped fresh rosemary

4 Garlic cloves, chop them roughly before throwing them in so that they’re well incorporated

1 tsp of paprika (to give it color)

2 tsp of sugar

Season with salt and pepper


Dry chillis to give it heat

Pecorino cheese to give it some richness

Believe me, this is a powerful and potent paste… guaranteed to win approval from all!

The final product 🙂 for me, best enjoyed on a nice crostini


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