Tuesday’s Tip of the Week, prepping the perfect steak

Nothing guarantees success more than selecting good produce and actual good cooking, but good prep work will certainly go a long way in helping to sway the results favorably. Enter the mighty steak; here’s a few pointers I’ve come to realize that really help me in achieving the best possible results.

1. Prior to placing the steaks in marinade, leave them to marinade in fresh pineapple juice for between 30min to an hour. The enzymes from the pineapple break down the meat’s connective tissue tenderizing the steaks. Once marinaded in the juice, rinse the steaks very quickly under softly running water, pat them dry and then marinade them.

2. Do not salt your steaks or marinade ahead of cooking. Salt draws out the moisture from the steaks and is more than likely to toughen them up.

3. For best cooking results, make sure your steaks are about room temperature when they hit the grill or pan.

4. Steaks are turned over just once while cooking, turning them over frequently will toughen them up and lead to imperfect cooking.

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