Tuesday’s Tip of the Week, Peeling Avocados

Here’s a very quick one; and I feel really silly admitting this, but until my wife saw me peel avocados a couple of weeks ago, I had been peeling them like a complete numpty; using a knife and removing the skin as one would a potato (but using a knife instead of a peeler…you get the idea). Unless of course we were dealing with a very ripe Haas avocado where the skin slides off the fruit, but in most other situations it was a dreaded laborious process.

Anyway, I was shown the error of my ways, and the moment was so epiphanous (auto-correct tells me that this in-fact is a word) that I wanted to share with you. Peeling an avocado turns out to be a real walk in the park;

Just split the fruit in two along the length remove the seed/stone by scooping out with a spoon

Cut each half into two or three strips along the length.

Using a teaspoon just scoop out the avocado from th skin. This is guaranteed to be faaaar easier than any other method.


  1. I remove the stone by hitting it with a big sharp knife. It sticks to the knife and can be removed very easily. I know what you mean about having an epiphany about small things in the kitchen. When I found the easiest way to cut peppers was one – can’t even remember how I did it before now!

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