The World’s Best Ribeye Rub. Guaranteed.

The crust…ugggghhh so good!

One of nature’s most perfect foods is a beautifully marbled and fatty rib-eye steak, and in such instances, when the actual produce is so good, it’s difficult to improve on nature, so whatever you end up doing to it, it has to be subtle and all additions should be with the express purpose of helping the steak amplify its flavour. Here the coffee and the smoked paprika add bitterness and smokiness to amplify the charred flavour, the pomegranate molasses caramelizes and aids the crunchy crust in forming while adding a touch of tart sweetness that makes the fatty bits in the steak really sing. Give it a go, I guarantee you’ll be smitten.

For a 300g 1.5cm to 2cm Rib-eye,

1/2 tsp of smoked paprika on each side

1/2 tsp of espresso grind coffee on each side

1.5 tbsp of pomegranate molasses on each side

1.5 tbsp of olive oil on each side

Plenty of sea salt and freshly ground pepper on each side.

For best results, cook the steak on a grill, usually, I would cook a 2ish cm thick steak about 3min on one side and 2min on the other, but check this guide out as a touch test for figuring out steak done-ness here.

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