About the Nassaurus

The Hungry Nassaurus seen in Amalfi trying to eat delicious Sfuzato lemons

So a couple of years ago, I decided to try out cooking. I had always had the notion that I’d be good at it, I mean, I freaking love food and i follow instructions pretty well. So I bought Delia Smith’s book, How to Cook, tried out her simple pomodoro sauce and salmon pesto and haven’t looked back since. Seeing that I’m in a constant battle with my weight, I figured that I can’t cook everyday, and so, would cook for 4 on a Tuesday every month and any friends of mine who were around would just pass by (it was for practice and showmanship).

Many episodes of Iron Chef America and 2 seasons of Masterchef Australia later (to which I’ve been introduced by my amazing and superfluously culinarily talented wife) and I feel I’ve come along some way in the cooking world to be able to share my journey with the world.