Aubergine, Gorgonzola, Sage and Balsamic Glaze Pizza Bianca

With this post, I pop two proverbial cherries, the first is making pizza at home and the second, trying out a white pizza. Making pizzas at home, I’ve discovered, could possibly be the… Continue reading

Asparagus and Broad Bean Risotto, Superfresh

Risottos (risotti) are usually hearty and rich affairs, and recently I’ve been in the mood for one, but was tired of the expected over-richness of the usual suspects; mushroom risottos, saffron risottos etc.… Continue reading

Seafood Trio. Seabass Mousse, Butter Poached Prawns and Calamari Rings with a Fish Veloute.

I finally got round to trying out one of those multi-component dishes some time ago, but the ordeal of writing up the recipe for this seven component monstrosity put me off writing it… Continue reading

Chocolate Custard with Salt Flakes and Olive Oil

This is not a normal dessert. It is highly unusual and surprising and really might quite possibly be one of the most remarkable things you’ll ever try. My wife and I were strongly… Continue reading

The Greatest Chimichurri Sauce Ever.

Chimichurri is a sauce that will probably change your relationship with all grilled meats. I don’t know which South American gods the great people of that continent got the recipe from, but the… Continue reading

Beef Short Ribs as Osso Bucco with Gremolata. Devastating.

Some dishes are just good. Fact. Osso Bucco is of those dishes; the melt in your mouth beef, the decadence of the chopped vegetables that have been cooked to a point where they… Continue reading

Choux balls with a Cheesy Bechamel and Onion Jam

An appetizer or an amuse bouche are generally the teasers, the opening act, the anticipation enhancers that lure you into the main event and make sure you, as a diner, are primed to… Continue reading

Tuscan Lamb Stew, More One Pot Decadence.

Still along the Nonna trajectory comes this behemoth of a one-pot-wonder; bags of flavour, decadent slow cooking and quintessentially hearty. I think what I like best about slow cook braises is the anticipation.… Continue reading

Sicilian Prawns. Quick, Easy, Healthy and Absolutely Delicious!

I’ve never been to Sicily, but all I’ve heard and tasted are great things. I have, however been all over the Mediterranean and come to terms with the fact that there is probably… Continue reading

Duo of Beef with Fondant Potatoes

So I decided to give another one of those multi-component, multi technique dishes a crack, and this here was quite tasty. The idea behind the dish was to convey the flavours found in… Continue reading

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