Fantastic, Delicious, Easy and Light Thai Salmon. Seriously Good Stuff.

Midweek dining generally is devoid of creativity, by the time my wife I and hit the kitchen it’s usually around 9, so we often resort to a nice big salad or tried and… Continue reading

The Ultimate Creme Brulee. Guaranteed.

Ladies and gents, thanks to this recipe I came accross in BBC Good Food (my current culinary website of favour), I present you with the world’s best creme brulee. If I could offer… Continue reading

Fantastic and Good for You (I think) Roast Vegetables and Lemon Chicken Salad

Finally another salad! See it’s not all just protein and sauces and butter on this blog. Sometimes I come across flavours complex and interesting enough in a salad to actually give it the time… Continue reading

Pumpkin Ricotta Ravioli with a Burnt Sage Butter. How Can This be Anything but Amazing?

  Simplicity is beautiful, one of life’s most overused clichés, but also one of the most apt descriptions of what’s going on here. A tried and tested classic flavour combination. It’s perfectly cooked… Continue reading

Pan Fried Grouper with a Lemon and Clam Beurre Blanc Sauce, Diced Tomatoes and a Bresaola Crumble.

A beurre blanc sauce is another one of those things that’s got a bit of an unnecessarily harsh reputation at being difficult to execute, however it is one of life’s most decadent and… Continue reading

Spaghetti with a Decadently Rich Beef Shank Jus. Honestly, One of the Best Pasta Dishes I’ve Ever Made.

Imagine this: Freshly made linguine, cooked to al-dente perfection (mine was a tad over-cooked, but we’re imagining here) drenched in a thick sauce that’s made of the braising juices of beef shanks (with… Continue reading

Golden Kiwi Baked Custard Tart with a Dark Chocolate Ganache.

So the wonderful people at Zespri have called again, and this time to offer me a box of one of the most amazing fruits I’ve ever tasted, the Golden Kiwi. Much sweeter, less… Continue reading

Tomato Ice Cream, Honey Roasted Cherry Tomato, a Chili Parmesan Cracker with a Balsamic Glaze. Light, Fresh and Really Surprising!

Every now and then I think up a dish I’m quite proud of in the originality department, why they’re usually starters, I don’t know, but this here is definitely one such dish. I… Continue reading

Home Made Gnocchi with Basil Pesto with a Garlic Lemon Ricotta. Che un Piatto Bello!

Gnocchi are one of those things, when executed well they can be soft pillowy parcels of ecstasy and joy, but when done poorly, they can be stodgy doughy tasteless dumplings. I’m not saying… Continue reading

Hearty, Creamy, Spicy Lobster Bisque.

I am a huge fan of soups, they taste great, can be used with a whole bunch of ingredients and flavors, can be light starters or hearty meals. There’s just so much you can do… Continue reading

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