Prawn and Kiwi Ceviche with a Spicy Mango Puree, a Light and Bright Start to Any Summer Lunch!

So the weirdest thing happened about a month ago. I got an email from someone telling me that they follow the blog and read it (as if that alone isn’t surprising enough) and… Continue reading

Harissa Chicken to Knock Your Socks Off! Totally Easy and Totally Tasty and (for the most part) Good for You

At long last, an attempt at North African cuisine! This dish here checked all the right boxes; it was very easy to make (threw everything in a large baking dish and let it… Continue reading

Awesome Fantastic Meatballs with a Mushroom Sauce and a Creamy Parmesan Polenta

Oh the Glory that is a ball of meat! There’s just something alluring about a big ball of meat on your plate. Like a sophisticated hamburger patty. Maybe. Either way, they’re great, you… Continue reading

Simple Deliciousness, Quick Pan-Fried, Crispy Skin Seabass with a Fresh Salsa Verde!

Usually I’m a sucker for rich and decadent treats. Although I enjoy fresh and light dishes, I don’t usually consider them treats owing probably to some deep seated self destructive issues that relate… Continue reading

Chicken Trio Pt. 3 Chicken Leg Confit on a Puff Pastry Parcel and Mustard Truffle Cream

All trilogies must come to an end, and finally, I’m able to close the chicken trio chapter, it’s certainly taken a long time to get to it (and I’m sure you’ve all been… Continue reading

Carrot Ginger Soup with Lemon Labnah

So I haven’t posted in a while, and seeing that we normally tend to start meals (or cleanse palates) with soups, I figured a post about soup would be a good way to… Continue reading

Galbijjim, Braised Korean Short Ribs. Real Treat (Ribtastic?)

So this was the first of 2 mains in my 5 course dinner opus. Generally, it’s a festive Korean treat that’s supposed to be a filling and hearty affair. However, owing to the fact… Continue reading

Radish and Leek Carpaccio with a Beetroot Puree, Carrot-Orange Granita and Some Black Caviar

I wanted to cook this dish as an opener for a pretty heavy 5 course dinner that I had been planning for a while, and so I was looking for a dish that was… Continue reading

Tuesday’s Tip of the Week, Embracing Sweetness

This isn’t much of a tip honestly, it’s more of an observation really. Ever since I’ve started trying out Asian cuisine, namely Thai, I’ve grown to realise the importance of adding some measure of… Continue reading

Easy, light and delicious. Quick prawn, chili and garlic spaghetti

The combination of olive oil, garlic, chili and prawns is just a time tried and tested winner, so there’s nothing new to this dish at all. It’s just such an easy and quick dinner that… Continue reading

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