Tuesday’s Tip of the Week, a few ideas that can help make home-made pasta a success

Like I may have mentioned before, there’s a great sense of satisfaction and gratification that comes with eating home-made pasta. I always feel (whether the feeling is merited or just a figment of… Continue reading

A great looking and fairly successful desert. Caramelized pumpkin with Dulche De Leche cream and spiced chocolate ganache.

Unfortunately not every dish I try is a success , some fall flat (far more than I’d like to recall) on their face while others, while not becoming straight up winners, show promise… Continue reading

Clementine zest salad. Superfresh.

At home we seem to be going through somewhat of a citrus zest awakening; the stuff is gold! It just brightens up almost any dish and is very rightly named zest. Mind you, it packs… Continue reading

Tuesday’s Tip of the Week, making sure your fish has nice, crispy skin

One of life’s pleasures is eating a nice fish fillet with beautiful crispy skin. Cooking a fish fillet well isn’t that difficult, it’s just a few simple steps and rules to follow and… Continue reading

Oh my Steak!

So… we had steak last night, and for some reason, it was almost perfect, dare I say, one of the best steaks I have ever tried. Not to toot my own horn or anything.… Continue reading

Tuesday’s Tip of The Week, went crazy with the salt? Here’s a good recovery plan…

It’s happened to me many times before; poured in salt through the larger opening, misread the amount of salt required or even just zoned out while pouring in the salt. Here’s a quick,… Continue reading

Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli…home made pasta, nothing quite like it!

There’s something really special about making your own pasta at home… the process itself is a lot of fun, and then the flexibility that comes with having fresh pasta sheets as a blank… Continue reading

Waldorf Risotto? Why, yes please!

I love risottos. Even more than I do pastas; they’re much more of a blank canvas, and their inherent creaminess means that flavours can be added to them without the need of an extra sauce.… Continue reading

Tuesday’s Tip of the Week, Thickening Sauces

There’s a million ways to thicken sauces, some that have an impact on flavour and others that don’t… here I’ll share my experiences with my favoured methods, and the failures and successes I’ve… Continue reading

Something different? Here’s an interesting looking starter (doesn’t taste too bad either).

  Steamed artichoke with roasted goat cheese, sun-dried tomato tappenade and black olive foam: So, this is a bunch of different elements that are great alone, but combined just  come together really well and explode… Continue reading

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